What are the possible side effects of Brazilian waxing?

Brazilian waxing (similar to the Bikini Wax) is a method used to remove coarse and unwanted hair from the pubic area. Brazilian wax usually gets less painful At the pool after a Brazilian waxover time and are also commonly required less frequently the more you are waxed due to slowed hair growth. When removing hair from the bikini regions of the body, you should first of all have prior knowledge on the safety of going through such a procedure and also how to maintain the sensitive skin that results from waxing. Brazilian waxing can be performed if you are comfortable with showing the intimate parts of your body and can be carried out either in a beauty salon or at your home. Regardless of where you get your wax or who does the waxing, there are a few key safety tips that you need to know to make sure to avoid common side affects such as ingrown hairs and skin infections.

Brazilian or bikini waxing procedures can turn out to be harmful, especially if you do not consult a professional. The waxing removes hair from the genital area and also in the buttocks. Below is a list of some of the side effects of a Brazilian wax:

1. Ingrown hairs

One of the most common negative side effects of waxing is ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are hairs that can pop up after different hair removal methods. Shaving is the most common cause of ingrown hairs, however, they may occur during pubic hair waxing as well. It is possible that waxing will not result in complete hair removal (completely uproot the hair follicle) and the result may be the appearance of ingrown hairs in the waxed area. You can commonly prevent ingrown hairs by prepping your skin correctly prior to your bikini wax appointment and taking good care of it after waxing. And don’t be afraid to ask you aesthetician or doctor how to best prevent such issues.

2. Bumps

Another common side effect of waxing is bumps. Immediately after waxing, your skin might look clear and soft but some hours later, red bumps may start to appear. This is different from an ingrown hair since bumps can be caused by a variety of different issues (with ingrown hairs being among the causes). This is one of the most common side effects that come with Brazilian waxing. If the bumps on your skin get progressively worse or become painful, make sure to contact a doctor immediately.

3. Burned skin

Skin around the pubic region is usually very sensitive and after waxing you may realize your skin looks burned or is reddish. This can happen if the wax applied was heated up and applied while still hot as is commonly done with both soft wax and hard wax. If you notice such a side effect you need to take extra precaution especially when heating the wax or try another method altogether. If the burns are serious, seek help from a health professional immediately.

4. Pain

Pain is an unfortunate and unavoidable side effect of pubic hair waxing. You cannot avoid the pain that is felt while the hair is being removed. This is normal during the hair removal process because the hair is literally being pulled out from the root of the hair follicles. The pain becomes bearable with time, and the entire process will get less painful the more frequently you are waxed. As always, a trained professional from a reputable salon should be able to help you manage any pain experienced during your appointment.

5. Inflammation and redness

Inflammation and redness are side effects when performing Brazilian waxing since the area affected is extra sensitive. While these side effects may be indicative of a more serious issue such as an infection, it is completely normal to experience inflammation and redness. Most likely, these side effects are simply the result of wax removing hair to reveal dead skin in the bikini area.

6. Sexually Transmitted Infections

Perhaps the most serious potential side effect of waxing is a skin infection, often referred to as a sexually transmitted infections, even if the infections are not caused by sexual acts. To avoid getting infections, or to minimize the risk of getting an infection from waxing, ensure that the tools that you or your salon are using are sterile and clean. One way to do this is to buy new tools, use disposable tools, or store tools in sanitizer.


Is Waxing Worth the Risk?

Yes, despite these scary risks, the chances of having any serious negative consequences are slim. Plus, many of these common negative side effects can be avoided entirely by following our Brazilian Wax Aftercare Guide.

In conclusion, Brazilian wax side effects can be minimized if the method is done by an aesthetician who understands it well. It is also advisable that you take care when heating the wax in a pot that does not have a temperature controller. In the event that you notice the mentioned side effects are extreme you should seek immediate medical attention.

This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. BrazilianWaxGuide.com does not offer medical advice. Always consult your doctor for medical advice.