How to Prepare for a Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian wax is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although it typically takes less than twenty minutes to get completed, preparation is crucial for optimal results. Since public hair gets removed from areas like vulva, buttock and anus, it is imperative that the waxing is done by an expert under supervision.

There are three standard styles of Brazilian waxes:

  1. The first one is called sphinx and hair from entire lower part is removed. This is quite painful and time taking.
  2. The second type of Brazilian wax is called Playboy and only a tiny strip of hair is left in the front.
  3. The third one is called French waxing and only a part of the hair is removed.

What to do before a Brazilian waxing appointment?

Before fixing an appointment, it is necessary to determine exactly which type of wax you need and then move ahead. If ‘how to prepare for a Brazilian wax’ is on your mind, it is better to start by ensuring that the public hair is 1/4″ long. In case if your hair is longer, you must trim the excess part with a scissor or otherwise you will experience excess pain. But if you are not too sure about the trimming part, leave it to the expert since if the length is too short, Brazilian wax cannot be done. If you do not want to use a scissor or feel that you can chop off extra strands in excitement, you can try a trimmer since it will be easier to get rid of excess hair.

Not everyone is very comfortable with someone else touching the private parts and if you are one of them, it is always handy to soothe yourself prior to your session. Listen to your favorite music, read a book or do anything that can give you peace of mind. In case if you cannot endure much pain, it is better to pop in an Advil or drink plenty of water at least one hour before our session. Make sure that you wear a soft underwear that does not clings to your private parts too much and also wear a skirt or loose fitting trousers that do not case exertion. This is the best way to avoid rubbing once the wax has been completed.

Once you are up for the session, ask the esthetician any question or clear any confusion that you have. You will need to tell her the type of wax you need. Then you will be required to strip your clothes from the lower parts. Most of the wax parlors have experts of the same sex. So in case you are a female, you must be rest assured that a female will be doing your waxing. The esthetician will instruct you for further process and you will see that in no more than fifteen-twenty minutes, you will come out clean with smooth skin. After the waxing is completed, the expert will apply oil or baby powder in order to soothe the pain. You must avoid using any exfoliating product on the skin for a few more days and avoid ill-fitting clothes. Since this particular area is far more sensitive than other body parts, excess pain is expected in the first few sessions, but once the skin gets adapted to it, the pain will recede.

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This post was written by Jenn Woodward from Toronto, which is the First Guest Post on our site!