Introduction to the Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax

First popularized after Sex and the City put a spotlight on it, the Brazilian Wax has become a standard procedure in most salons and spas in the US. It has raised some controversy: there are many people who swear by it; and others who declare it a fraud – the state of New Jersey even considered banning it.

This article will introduce you to the Brazilian Wax, describe a standard procedure, and hint on the pros and cons. Let’s begin by defining it:

Are Brazilian waxes painful?

The Brazilian wax is said to be quite painful. There are some measures that are taken to reduce the pain. An anesthetic cream is sometimes smeared over the area before the procedure begins. It is also advised not to schedule the procedure during a premenstrual period when bloating causes the skin to become tender. The client is encouraged to communicate to the attendant in case the pain becomes unbearable.

Pain can be reduced by ensuring that your pubic hair is the appropriate length prior to waxing. Check out our guide on how long your pubic hair should be for a Brazilian wax appointment.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

What is required for a Brazilian Wax?

The Brazilian wax is a hair removal method that is used to remove hair from the pubic region using hot wax and a cloth. It is a procedure commonly performed on women, although some men also use it. This website focuses primarily on women.

The Brazilian is believed to make a woman more sensual by increasing their sensitivity during intercourse. This belief has caused it to consistently rank among men’s Top Ten Sexual Fantasies. The procedure also has health benefits – the British Association of Dermatologists credits it with the eradication of pubic lice. However, the procedure has some associated risks including burns, swellings and STIs.

A typical Brazilian wax requires three things: wax, a cloth, and a trained aesthetician. And of course the woman on whom it is to be performed. Let us call the aesthetician “the spa attendant”, and the woman “the client”.

What happens during a Brazilian waxing appointment?

The client is taken to a private room where she is asked to remove all the clothes below the waist. She is given a thin garment which looks like a G-String to wear – this covers her most nether regions. She is then asked to lie on her back, raise her knees and spread them apart.

The attendant then checks the size of the hair. A Brazilian works best when the hair is between a quarter and a half an inch long. If it is too short, it may not stick on the cloth. If it is too long, removing it will cause a lot of pain. In case the hair is too long, it will be trimmed to the right size. When the hair is the right size, then the procedure begins.

First, the attendant applies a light powder to the dry skin to enable the wax stick better. Then she smears wax which was pre-heated over the area. She then presses the cloth over the wax and immediately rips it off. She repeats the procedure until the hair has been removed to the client’s satisfaction. In some cases, the attendant can ask the client to hold the skin taut to make the removal cleaner and less painful.

Glamour has published a great, in-depth article about exactly what happens during an appointment.

Any other Brazilian waxing tips?

There are a few other tips that come with the Brazilian wax. It is advisable to wear loose clothes before and after the procedure. There are ointments that are supposed to be applied in case a swelling occurs. Finally, it is advisable to delay sexual intercourse until the swelling has reduced. For a list of other possible side effects, and how to avoid some of the adverse reactions from Brazilian waxing, check out our guide on the side effects of Brazilian waxing.

Now that you know what a Brazilian wax is, what is required, and the flow of a typical waxing appointment – you’re ready to experience it for yourself! Be sure to read on for more information on Brazilian and bikini waxing.

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