Brazilian Wax – Tips & Tricks for Before and After Waxing

Waxing the bikini line helps ensure it stays smooth and soft for up to 2 months. While a bump and hair-free bikini area is worth any discomfort from a Brazilian or bikini wax procedure, the bikini line requires very special care after taking the waxing session. By knowing what to do and what to avoid can minimize the irritation as well as help you keep the bikini line hair free for a long time.

Tips and Tricks for Brazilian waxing:

  • Apply talcum powder or baby powder to the areas you want to remove the unwanted hair prior to beginning the procedure. The powder normally prevents the wax from sticking to your sensitive skin.
  • Exfoliate prior to waxing the bikini area. The dead skin cells that are built up cause redness to occur after the treatment; gentle exfoliating solution helps a great deal. You can make your own by blending together equal parts of brown sugar with sesame oil; this will as well add extra moisture to the region.
  • Healing the skin. After getting your Brazilian wax, it’s likely that the skin will be possibly red and slightly irritated. For some the irritation usually goes away relatively quickly while those with sensitive skin, it could last a few days. Apply the lavender oil or tea-tree to your waxed areas. Lavender oil has pain-relieving properties as well as calming effect as for tea-tree oil it’s a natural antiseptic that soothes the skin.
  • Avoid tight undergarments and clothing. It’s essential to let the skin breathe. Wearing cotton underwear or even none at all is the best tip of the day; this will let the skin breathe and even reduces the possibility of any irritation. Loose cotton garment increases air flow and keeps your skin healthy away from any contact with bacteria.
  • Ensure that you moisturize. Keep the treated area moisturized to minimize irritation as well as hair growth. As the hair grows, it makes your skin much softer and reduces chafing. Baby lotion is the best proposal.

Advice for After a Brazilian Wax Treatment:

  • Use sunscreen often and skip hot showers, baths, sexual activity and even heavy exercises immediately after the waxing session to help avoid hyperpigmentation and irritation.
  • Since Brazilian wax leads to enlarged pores, avoiding strenuous exercises and friction from sex as well as avoiding hot showers/baths altogether for 10 hours after the procedure helps avoid infection and irritation in these vulnerable areas.
  • Waxing makes the skin more susceptible to a permanent darkening of your skin (hyperpigmentation), so it’s very important to wear sunscreen if you will be exposing your treated areas to sunlight.
  • Apply aloe Vera gel onto the treated region. If the skin is sore and swollen, applying aloe Vera soothes the skin.
  • Alternatively, hold an ice pack in place for at least ten minutes to soothe the irritated skin. Repeat the procedure a few times during the first day.

Keep the treated area smooth and prevent ingrown hairs by moisturizing and exfoliating regularly. Avoid using just any type of Exfoliator for at least 4 days after the session to minimize irritation and redness. Regular exfoliation, removes the top layer of the dead skin cells helps hence avoiding ingrown hairs. It also helps to keep the skin silky and smooth.