Brazilian Wax Aftercare – How to Make a Brazilian Wax Last Longer

There are a few key steps that you can take to ensure that you get the most out of your Brazilian or bikini wax. This article will provide you with some tips and tricks to make your Brazilian wax last longer. Did you know that having happy and healthy pubic is key to successful waxing? It might seem counterintuitive, but the healthier and stronger that your hair grows, the longer that your future waxes will last. Why? This is because strong hair is resistant to breaking. If hair is not properly nourished, it cant break off above the root, causing it to regrow uneven. Hair that is removed completely, including the root, will allow you to go longer between waxing appointments and give you an around better looking wax.

Following our simple steps for Brazilian wax aftercare will ensure that you make the most of your wax:

After Brazilian Wax Care Products

Post-Wax Oil

There are many after-wax care products on the market. Know which to use and when to use them is key to an effective, post-wax treatment plan. One of our primary recommendations is a post-wax treatment oil such as the After Wax Oil – Post Waxing Skin Calmer & Wax Residue Remover from VidaSleek. One reason that it is important to start with an oil such as VidaSleek’s offering is that it rapidly calms the skin following a waxing appointment. It is crucial to act quickly to calm and heal the skin to prevent further irritation, injury, or infection. While it is important to avoid over-cleaning and thus further irritating the waxed area, post-wax oils gently lift away caked on wax and other debris.

All natural ingredients such as chamomile oil and Vitamin E oil help to moisturize the skin, accelerating the healing process.


Coconut Oil After a Brazilian Wax?

Coconut oil has many great medical benefits and applying coconut oil after Brazilian or bikini waxing is no. For under $10 for a 14 oz. jar, you can get enough coconut oil to last you many waxing appointments. Coconut oil is a very effective natural moisturizer with the side benefit of smelling great!

Coconut oil is also well-known for its natural anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, the natural cooling effect of coconut oil has the added benefit of repairing and soothing any red bumps that you may experience after waxing. Just liberally apply the coconut oil and you should start to see the changes.

Know of other after-Brazilian wax products that we should share? Get in touch!

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