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How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last

Brazilian waxing is an intimate hair removal technique that is used for removing all the hair around pubic area. This type of hair removal technique allows men and women to comfortably wear their swimwear. Brazilian wax gets rid of all unwanted hair that can be very embarrassing.  how long does a brazilian wax last

It has become the most popular style in terms of waxing because it is very effective and lasts for a good time. In a normal case, Brazilian wax lasts for a period of up to three and six weeks before the hair can start growing. This article will highlight some of the major factors that determine how long a Brazilian wax lasts.

First Timers

The smallest appearance of stubble can only be seen after 2-3 weeks for those that usually get this type of waxing. The area can stay very smooth and soft for up to six weeks but things are quite different for first-timers. For those that have stayed for long without waxing and first-timers, it only takes eight days before the appearance of some tiny stubble. This happens because waxing is done when some hair is under the skin. The hair that might have been under the skin starts appearing after some days.

Waxing Regularity

The hair is normally pulled from their follicles by the esthetician every time you go for waxing and this determines how long the waxing lasts. Follicles take a longer time to give the replacements when you wax regularly. It takes up to eight weeks for some people to grow hair after several waxing while others do not grow hair after several waxing.

Type of Wax

Soft wax has a lot of pain when the hair is being ripped out and that is why many beauty salons prefer hard waxes because they have less pain. It takes some time for hair to start growing when hard wax is used because it breaks all the hair above the follicles. Soft wax has more pain but it does not break all the hair above the follicles. You should ask your beauty salon to use soft wax if you can take some little more pain.

Food and Temperature

It is interesting to note that temperature is a major factor when it comes to how long Brazilian waxing lasts. Hair takes long to grow when the temperatures are low and grows faster when the temperatures are high. This is the reason why many people prefer Brazilian wax during cold seasons.

The type of food that one eats also determines how fast their hair grows. Food that is rich in omega-3 like salmon, nuts and beans contribute a great deal to your hair growth. You will always be required to go for another Brazilian waxing after a short time if you normally eat this type of food.


The age of a person is also a major factor when it comes to hair growth. Younger people have a high rate of hair growth compared to old people. Young people therefore need to be waxed regularly compared to old people. The fact that the rate of hair growth decreases with age means that a Brazilian wax lasts long on old people. The longer the Brazilian wax lasts the better.

Never perform a brazilian wax when you are under the influence of drugs; medical or narcotic such as mdma. If you took some drugs, please wait until it effect has expired.. the same applies to alcohol. Never do a Brazilian wax when when you took those things. Same apply to medications; I wont write a list of what can be taken and what not; but as a rule of thumb just avoid them.


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